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November Note

November 12, 2014 - Author: Sarabeth Hill

Just around the corner Seasons Greetings to you and your family,
Funny how our focus changes depending on where in the world one lives! This year I found myself more focused on the Navajo Nation elections than on the U.S. The leading candidate for President was disqualified for not speaking Navajo fluently only days before the election and the Navajo Nation election has been postponed until they reprint the ballots!
Seasonal changes also change our focus and priorities and we are busy winterizing and preparing for winter here. It has been a cooler beginning to the holiday’s than I remember the last few years. Please remember to keep praying for those that pledged toward our New FM Transmitter, we are hoping in the Lord that we would see enough funds come in to be able to purchase it before Christmas.
I, Scott, am still working several positions here at the mission (Business Manager, Bookstore Manager, Maintenance worker, web wrangler, and Radio Engineer, as well as odds and ends that need doing), and only by the Grace and Mercy of our Great God, am I sustained and your prayers are greatly appreciated and desired, Thank you! Thank you also for some early Christmas donations to our support, we greatly appreciate it.
Our youngest, Gabriel Nicholas is almost 1 year old, WOW, time sure flies. Our family is doing well, Praise God!


WIM Staff Retreat

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October Note

October 12, 2014 - Author: Sarabeth Hill

Fall Greetings,
Two specific Praises! First, thank you for praying for our Tuba City, KTBA, Open House. It was an awesome success and we were touched by the testimonies of both Navajo and Hopi people as they shared how the Lord has touched their lives through that station. The Hopi Christian choir even came out to help and sing!
Second, thank you for keeping us in prayer at the beginning of the month of October, our Annual Sharathon was a great time and I believe we had twice as many listeners stop in this year as compared to last year!! The Lord blessed us with Pledges of over $29,000 toward our FM Transmitter project, please pray for people to be able to honor those pledges in the coming year. In total we are needing about $45,000 for this project – the biggest thing it will do is help save money in Electricity and ongoing maintenance. Thank you for your participation through pray and supporting this family financially!!!
The summer teams are now finished here, I think, and what a joy and blessing it has been to see folks come down from our partners in Colorado Springs, it is truly an Honor to be able to serve with you, I just wish I had more time to spend with you. We are anticipating the completion of the dorm project Next spring, please pray that God would raise up the work teams to see that happen.


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September Note

September 12, 2014 - Author: Sarabeth Hill

What a busy month it has been since I last wrote! Praise the Lord that we had some of our partners come down for a week on a work trip and they accomplished a lot of jobs needing to be done here! It was a blessing to spend a little time with them and they really blessed us. We have another team of our partners coming in the second week of September, we are excited to have them come and they will wrap up the summer of work teams.
KTBA in Tuba City caused us some problems this last month that required two trips for Scott, Praise the Lord that He allowed us to find the problem and get it fixed. We are hoping to develop the outreach of this important extension of the radio ministry on the other side of the ‘Rez’, please pray for wisdom as we explore ways to keep it going, for smooth operation of this unmanned station, and for Him to send more workers to this field. Sept. 13th we will have a pre-Sharathon open house at the station there in Tuba City, pray that listeners will be blessed and more people would come to know that we are broadcasting over there. May the Word of the Lord be active and demonstrated through our lives!
Your partnership in this ministry is very much appreciated! Thank you for giving to the Lord and keeping us in prayer.


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August Note

August 19, 2014 - Author: Sarabeth Hill

Thank you for praying about finances – the mission received a few donations that helped steady out the summer blues! Keep up the prayer for a full time, fully supported accountant missionary and business manager!
Progress on the Dorm Project is impressive…although God did not provide the I-Beam we wanted, we were able to get some glue-lam beams that will do the trick. Praise the Lord with us that He provided a donation of all the electrical parts and materials we need for this project from a generous donor in Albuquerque. The project has been dubbed the Nehemiah project as we trust the Lord to put all the details together.
In the midst of the busy summer, our FM transmitter failed and needs some more TLC to keep it going a little longer (as if Scott needed something else to do); but thanks to a member of our board, we were able to trouble shoot and coax it back into operation. Pray for a good Sharathon on October 2nd, 3rd, and 4th as we raise more funds to replace this 50+ year old transmitter.
Thank you for your consistent and generous giving to the Lord that allows us to continue follow Him in this ministry and for your constant prayer for us and Western Indian Ministries.

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