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August Note

August 19, 2014 - Author: Sarabeth Hill

Thank you for praying about finances – the mission received a few donations that helped steady out the summer blues! Keep up the prayer for a full time, fully supported accountant missionary and business manager!
Progress on the Dorm Project is impressive…although God did not provide the I-Beam we wanted, we were able to get some glue-lam beams that will do the trick. Praise the Lord with us that He provided a donation of all the electrical parts and materials we need for this project from a generous donor in Albuquerque. The project has been dubbed the Nehemiah project as we trust the Lord to put all the details together.
In the midst of the busy summer, our FM transmitter failed and needs some more TLC to keep it going a little longer (as if Scott needed something else to do); but thanks to a member of our board, we were able to trouble shoot and coax it back into operation. Pray for a good Sharathon on October 2nd, 3rd, and 4th as we raise more funds to replace this 50+ year old transmitter.
Thank you for your consistent and generous giving to the Lord that allows us to continue follow Him in this ministry and for your constant prayer for us and Western Indian Ministries.

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July Note

- Author: Sarabeth Hill

Greetings from a damp desert!
God has blessed us with rain! It has cooled off the daytime slightly and really helped our garden grow. Regular watering seemed to be enough for the plants but when the rain came, WOW.
We are in a couple of weeks of slow down and regroup as we have no teams on campus for a couple of weeks, but we look forward to seeing it pick up again. We have several young men helping out this summer and it has helped alleviate some of the maintenance duties for Scott and he has actually gotten to do a little bit of engineering for radio.
Please keep the mission finances in prayer as summer is a very lean time for us with school being out and bills needing to be paid. Scott is a little bit more involved in this process this year as he has been overseeing the business office more, but he has reached the limit of his knowledge and training and we are praying very hard that the Lord will provide a skilled and supported accountant very soon!
Praise the Lord with us as He has brought Eric Tiger here to be our new school principal and he just started the first week of July. Pray for wisdom and insight so that we are ready for the new school year.
Thank you for your consistent and generous giving to the Lord that allows us to continue follow Him in this ministry and for your constant prayer for us and Western Indian Ministries.

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June Note

June 12, 2014 - Author: Sarabeth Hill

Greetings from Sunny New Mexico!
Summer time has begun and Work Teams are now in a constant flow here at Western Indian Ministries and the main project of refurbishing the Dorm/Retreat house has begun in earnest. Praise the Lord for bringing in a volunteer to coordinate and oversee the project. We are still waiting on God to provide the right I-Beam at the right time to complete the project, but there is still a lot of prep work to be done to the foundation.
June has been a very busy time for Scott so far as he had to put on another hat for a short time while several coworkers have taken vacations and a short term mission trip. To add on top of that – the one tooth in his mouth that has a crown apparently is needing a root canal, it is giving him a bit of pain in the jaw and the pocketbook. Pray for wisdom and patience as he is trying to manage the business of the mission well as we wait for a new business manager to be called by God.
If you are interested in what is going on with our family and seeing pictures of the kids etc…be sure to check out Sarabeth’s blog at Sarabeth does a pretty good job of keeping something fresh on there.
Thank you for standing in the gap for us in prayer and support.


Having fun at WIM’s June Chapel/Potluck

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May Note

May 16, 2014 - Author: Scott Hill

Greetings in the Name of the Lord!

Many of you probably already know from Facebook that I, Scott, was able to go up to Alaska for a short time to help celebrate KCAM’s 50th anniversary last month. It was a very good time of sharing what God has done with that station, seeing what God is doing there, seeing many friends and partners, and helping them out technically. I was also able to help in the installation of their new transmitter for the AM – it should help reduce their electrical use up to 30% less. Now, how do we do that here?

May is our down time here at Western Indian Ministries as the Spring teams have ended and the Summer teams are gearing up to come help out in our many projects. However that doesn’t mean that we are idle – just able to concentrate on some of our neglected tasks. The 2nd weekend of May was our Annual Board meeting here on Campus and all the work that I have been overseeing and doing on the mission finances and business office were validated when the Board accepted and approved the next fiscal year’s budget. This ‘hat’ is going to be a difficult one to keep off my head come the end of May – Please pray that God would provide a missionary that is experienced and able to take over the business management for WIM…we need them very soon.

I have asked that you pray specifically for an I-beam for our dorm project – we have not acquired one yet, but have many leads – I would ask that you remember this project overall and pray that we would have eyes to see what He wants for this I-Beam.

Thank you for standing in the gap for us in prayer and support.

In His service,
Scott and Sarabeth Hill

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