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August Note

August 17, 2016 - Author: Sarabeth Hill


We hope you enjoyed the newsletter!  Scott returned from his 2 weeks in Alaska at the beginning of August, refreshed and exhilarated from the hard engineering work he was able to do at KCAM – that didn’t include anything regarding money except spending it 😉 It was a nice Break.  Meanwhile Sarabeth survived him being gone without anything too critical happening.


Since returning, it seems like a blur of constant go, go, go….the mission office is in a time of transitions as some reorganization happens as we anticipate Scott’s return to radio engineering almost exclusively.  There is much cross – training to do as he prepares the hand off of the many tasks that he has been doing for the business office.  Tensions are high in the office as questions come up, interactions change, and fears arise of the unknown…PLEASE pray for Scott and all the office staff that are involved.  Scott desires that most of the hand over would be smooth and calm.

Our family is still settling in to having our new baby Thomas in the house, school in full swing, the end of the growing season for gardens and the surprising growing season for kids.  Through it all, it IS well with our souls!  Thank you for being a part of this ministry!


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July From the Hillside Newsletter – Welcome Thomas Jeremiah

July 14, 2016 - Author: Sarabeth Hill


Greetings, our latest Newsletter for July 2016 can be found by clicking on the link.

POINT of Interest! – We would still like to spend some time visiting with all of you during the next year to share what God is doing here.  In order to do this we need to hear from you.  We are looking for friends and supporters who will champion our ministry by introducing us to their church and others who would be interested in hearing about our ministry.  Would you consider being one of our champions and helping us in this way? If you would like a packet of information to pass on to your church missions committee please call or write and we can send you one.

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May Note

May 23, 2016 - Author: Sarabeth Hill


As we rapidly approach the End of May and the beginning of summer, the sound of a baby crying fills the air behind the writer and makes him almost want to cry himself.  Scott is facing a long month ahead as the other radio personnel are heading out for home service and this means that for the most part running Radio and the bookstore are his SOLO (in contrast to SOLE) responsibility, besides the business management of the mission and the many other hats he occasionally wears.  Thank you for your prayers for strength and focus during this time!

These past two months we have had some interesting Transmitter issues that took our AM 880 station almost completely off the air.  One of the power modules decided that it would short out and burn up a circuit board, with no visible reason to explain why. Thank the Lord for giving us Marc Guiett in times like these, he was able to duplicate the circuitry on a new board and we got the transmitter back to full power is less than a week. Please continue praying that God protects His equipment and helps us keep it going!

Oh…the crying baby in the background has gone to sleep, but keep your eye out for our Newsletter very soon.  You are an awesome partner to have on this journey in Serving our God, Thank You!

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March Note

March 31, 2016 - Author: Sarabeth Hill

Spring Greetings!

Thank you for Praying for our situation in the office, I believe things are almost back to normal – still too much to do and not enough time to do it.  This month our Sharathon went very well as we probably saw twice as many people come through our studios than last year, Praise the Lord – we raised a little over $15K toward our operational expenses and had a wonderful time visiting!


Two other events this month to Praise the Lord for:  Our new Van arrived, what a true blessing to have the needed room for our family…THANK YOU!; Scott was able to get the Tuba City Transmitter back up and running after a short time of it being off the air, Thank the Lord for help from Marc Guiett.


Windy – that is what we have, makes for a good biblical lesson on Scott’s Monday morning “on air” shift.  Hope Spring is calmer where you are…Thanks again for Partnering in this area of God’s work!

If you have not had time to pray about donating a little extra or you just forgot and wanted to help our church in Colorado Springs that helped us get the new Van, please take some time now.  THANK YOU FOR PRAYING about this and as the Lord leads you can make a donation online at and selecting the ‘program’ –“Van for Scott and Sarabeth Hill”, or you can mail a check to Sabre Missions, P. O. Box 9354, Colorado Springs, CO 80932-0354, and put in the Memo line ‘Van’, with no name included.  This is a tax deductible donation. We are still needing to help out with about $2300 that they used for the repairs from the Mexico short term funding that is also in this ministry account.

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