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October Post

October 27, 2015 - Author: Sarabeth Hill

Autumn Greetings!
The month of October kicked off with Scott finishing a 2 week work trip up to KCAM in Glennallen AK. The station there asked him to come up and assist in several areas of engineering alongside of Rod Thannum from KTIS in Minneapolis. Rod is one of Scott’s mentors in Radio Engineering and a longtime friend. It was a good time of getting back to just geek stuff and a great blessing to be there on Independence Day for KCAM – Joy Media Ministries officially launched with the signing over of the radio station. There is much work for the new organization as they ramp up and learn to fly, so please remember them in your prayers.
Meanwhile, back in NM, the stations seemed to run very nicely during Scott’s absence, Praise the Lord! Thank you for praying about the accounting for WIM, we may have found a firm that will take on that roll for the mission at a reasonable cost, but we are just now testing the waters as this will affect several people in their jobs and I, Scott, have quite a bit of trepidation from past experiences. Thank you for continuing to pray that God’s will be made evident in this matter.
As always, we thank you for your prayers and donation to WIM as you partner with us in this ministry outreach to the Navajo Nation.

P.S. Today we were told that one of our Churches in Colorado Springs has found a 15 passenger van for us that they are willing to put some money into purchasing and making minor repairs to if we could get others to donate to help out with the costs which will amount to around $7000. They have set up a donation page and we are asking everyone to make an extra donation to help cover this vehicle for our family – which by the way will be growing by one in April 2016. PLEASE PRAY about this and as the Lord leads you can make a donation online at and selecting the ‘program’ –“Van for Scott and Sarabeth Hill”, or you can mail a check to Sabre Missions, P. O. Box 9354, Colorado Springs, CO 80932-0354, and put in the Memo line ‘Van’, with no name included. This is a tax deductible donation.

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September Note

September 27, 2015 - Author: Sarabeth Hill

Mid-September Greetings!
Things never seem to slow down here at this spiritual Navajo Battle Front! WIM is hosting a translation group called UniSkript that hopes to make it possible for every Navajo Language speaker to be able to read the Bible in Navajo, and write in Navajo – UniSkript will be a significant tool to help preserve, promote, and revitalize the Navajo language and culture. They are missionaries that came together from all over the world – some have been on their fields for many years, and God is using them to reach many cultures for him through this language technique. We also are hosting our last work team of the ‘summer’ during the third week of September. Pray that they can stay on task and make a big dent in the Dorm/Retreat building project.
The WIM leadership is actively looking for some people that will be able to relieve Scott from the bookkeeping and Business Management Duties of the organization so that He can return to doing the Radio Engineering full time as things are expanding with the Broadcasting department and will require attention. Please pray for an Accountant and business manager to be found really soon.
Thank you for your prayers and donation to WIM as you partner with us in this ministry outreach to the Navajo Nation. For more information on UniSkript go to on the web.

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August Note

August 27, 2015 - Author: Sarabeth Hill

School!!! ALREADY!
We started our new Home school year this week, August 10, and Hilltop Christian School started on August 12, Yikes! I blinked, and summer is almost over (well…technically speaking). It was a very full couple of months with Ministry teams coming and going and working on our campus and spreading out into the ‘Rez’ to share the Good News, God is moving…in many directions here. The dorm project is getting closer to completion, but not there yet! The FM building is still waiting for legs and strong arms (hint: pray here for His Will to work). Scott is still wading through business office, accounting, IT Management, Engineering, bookstore management, and maintenance…not in that order and almost never orderly. The mission is doing better financially (Praise God!) but not out of the woods yet (prayer please.)
Your prayer and financial partnership in this ministry is helping get The Word out to many who desperately need to hear and this summer there were many reports of children coming to know The Lord, many who were ministered to by the food and clothing that was distributed, brothers and sisters in Christ that have been encouraged, prisoners that have been shown a better way, and even witnessing all the way up to the office of the Navajo Nation President! Thank you, Thank you, and Thank you!

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June Note

June 20, 2015 - Author: Sarabeth Hill

Summer!!! ALREADY!
It’s here and now in full swing – garden growing, rain in May, softball practice nearby, school is out, summer work teams are arriving, and donations are down. What a wonderful but intrepid time for Scott as he switches things over in the business office for summer, our fiscal year end was May 31st, and work team coordinators are coming in for direction and resources that Scott oversees; the budgets for the new fiscal year are still needing completion; and we are at our lowest income time of the year for the mission, making it difficult to get the bills paid. All that is just in the business office that he is temporarily still filling in for. Please pray that the urgency of the generally insignificant (or chaos) would not reign and that funds would come in and that Scott would have the time to complete and wisdom to know what needs to be done.
The trip to Alaska was a success and much of the old KRSA studio equipment is in our warehouse awaiting Scott’s attention. Praise the Lord for a good trip, for safety and some time to relax! Upon arriving back home and unloading, we were able to put some of the equipment to immediate use. Please continue to remember the FM building construction through this season – completion is planned by the end of August.
Thank you so much for Partnering with us in this ministry!


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