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June Note

June 20, 2015 - Author: Sarabeth Hill

Summer!!! ALREADY!
It’s here and now in full swing – garden growing, rain in May, softball practice nearby, school is out, summer work teams are arriving, and donations are down. What a wonderful but intrepid time for Scott as he switches things over in the business office for summer, our fiscal year end was May 31st, and work team coordinators are coming in for direction and resources that Scott oversees; the budgets for the new fiscal year are still needing completion; and we are at our lowest income time of the year for the mission, making it difficult to get the bills paid. All that is just in the business office that he is temporarily still filling in for. Please pray that the urgency of the generally insignificant (or chaos) would not reign and that funds would come in and that Scott would have the time to complete and wisdom to know what needs to be done.
The trip to Alaska was a success and much of the old KRSA studio equipment is in our warehouse awaiting Scott’s attention. Praise the Lord for a good trip, for safety and some time to relax! Upon arriving back home and unloading, we were able to put some of the equipment to immediate use. Please continue to remember the FM building construction through this season – completion is planned by the end of August.
Thank you so much for Partnering with us in this ministry!


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May Note

May 20, 2015 - Author: Sarabeth Hill

The new FM Transmitter has been temporarily installed in the old building – and not a moment to soon. The day before we began the install, the $1400 tube in the old transmitter lost its power and reduced us to a mere 1000 watts output. Praise the Lord that we had the new one in hand and half way in place! Our good friend John Sims came over from Kansas City to help in the install and brought his wife Darla with him, how good it was to fellowship with them. To top off his visit – he brought his famous home smoked BBQ with him for our whole staff to enjoy! The Lord has truly been good to us!
Please be in prayer for us as Scott is going up to Petersburg Alaska with Greg Lewis to collect what remains of the KRSA equipment. KRSA went dark and turned in their license to the FCC nearly two years ago and the equipment has been in storage – so God has blessed us in being able to acquire it and put is to use again in the service of the Lord! Pray for travel safety and for the Hill and Lewis families as they remain in New Mexico. Pray that the Lord will use us for His glory in all that we do and say.
Thank you so much for covering the ministry here with prayer and the financial support so that we may continue to serve Him in getting the gospel proclaimed in the four corners area.


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March Note

March 30, 2015 - Author: Sarabeth Hill

Happy Spring!
The spring winds have returned to the desert, whisking away our dear friends Win and Gracia Stiefel who have been helping Scott in the office and bookstore these last couple months – what a blessing they were, and blowing in new missionaries (Joe & Abby Cook) to work with the radio stations as well as a new solid state FM transmitter to replace our over 50 year old tube transmitter that has been limping along with a lot of TLC and prayer. After three years of raising Sharathon monies toward this project Scott is excited to see it coming to fruition. Please pray that all the parts and pieces of this project come together smoothly and safely. There is still much to do in preparation – figuring out how to get the transmitter up the hill to the transmitter building (that road is a challenge even with 4-wheel drive), expanding the transmitter building to accommodate the new transmitter, and running new cables up the cliff face to the tower.
On the home front, we have been dealing with a steady stream of colds, flu, upset stomachs, and sore throats these last few months. Please pray for health and stamina.


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February Note

February 24, 2015 - Author: Sarabeth Hill

Proverbs 13:12 describes our current situation well, “Hope deferred makes the heart sick, But desire fulfilled is a tree of life.” We have been hoping in the Lord to provide the funds for a new FM transmitter for 4 years and the heart has felt sick at times as we wait, but Praise the Lord with us Scott was allowed to put the down payment on the new transmitter just this February, and it will truly be a tree of life as it spreads the Gospel across the airwaves! The anticipation of its arrival personally makes Scott giddy, especially as different parts and pieces start arriving. This will be his spring project!
Thank you for praying for Scott as he continues to fill many rolls in the mission and pray for wisdom and understanding to make the right decisions daily for the myriad things coming his way, it is both mentally and physically draining. Continue to pray for our family as well, we are doing well, but in the throes of pre-teen years all the way down to toddler years, What a Joy!
Praise the Lord too that we are going to be able to complete a project from last spring, we have acquired a new bath tub to replace the broken one in our kid’s bathroom, and this is Scott’s winter project. We are so grateful for your continued support of this vital ministry and standing in the gap for us in prayer, THANK YOU!

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