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August Newsletter and note

August 15, 2017 - Author: Scott Hill

We are Excited!!! God has been very visibly working in our lives.  As we begin this transition to the Alaskan Field with Joy Media Ministries (, we are suddenly faced with the details of “downsizing”, packing, becoming mobile again, and reconnecting with our partners.  So, we are beginning the planning of our Home Service travels and would like to invite you to connect with us by phone call or text: (907) 320-1718; by email:; via snail mail: HCR 5 Box 310-5047, Gallup, NM 87301; or directly in person when we travel through your area.  As God has called our family He has also called those whom He desires to be partners (partakers) in this portion of His works.  In the coming weeks we will be putting together our calendar for the next 6 months and we hope to be in contact with you before we make solid plans to depart for Alaska.  As we visit with our current Partners in ministry we will also be looking for new ones to join us to help bear the burden of both the spiritual and financial needs of the ministry.  Spiritually, pray for the items on our newsletter’s front page; financially, we are looking to God to supply an additional $2,500 a month in support over the next 6 months (currently we are at about 63% of the goal of $6,500 a month).   If God is challenging you to be a committed prayer warrior or financial supporter please let us know soon.  Thank you for reading through this small note – We really are excited to see how God works it all out!


The 2017 August Newsletter is attached in PDF format – if you can’t open it and would like a text only version, please let us know.  If you would no longer like to receive our emails or need to update your email address with us please let us know.

Click Here to read the newsletter; Click Here to download the Joy Media Commitment Form; Click Here to Download the EFT form.

In His service,

Scott & Sarabeth Hill


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February Note

February 28, 2017 - Author: Sarabeth Hill


What a wonderful privilege to serve alongside you all down here in New Mexico.  We say wonderful, because it is always wonderful to serve our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ wherever He takes us and His Joy is eternal.  Thank you for your faithful and loving support of His ministry down here amongst the Navajo and other Indian tribes through Western Indian Ministries.

Located on the boarder of New Mexico and Arizona, Tse Bonito is nothing like Alaska except that it is quite unique in its landscape and characteristics.  For instance take the season of MUD (winter), Alaska had a mud season!, but we have discovered that New Mexico does MUD bigger.  The road to our house turns from solid, to 2 to 4 inches of the heaviest, stickiest, wettest MUD you have ever gotten to go through.  It sticks to everything except the ground and there are times when even a 4 wheel drive has trouble getting through.  This also happens to the road to the FM transmitter and tower, which means Scott has to hike there instead of drive, the first time he did attempt to drive he had to abandon the vehicle for 4 days on the side of the mountain.

August brought the start to another school year with five of our kids officially in school.  Matthew started 8th grade and Sarabeth is feeling the pressure to make sure we are ready to start high school next year.  He still loves rockets and building forts in the ‘mountain’ behind our house and is developing a growing interest in computers.  Lydia is excited to have turned 12, especially since that means she is only one year away from being a teenager.   She reads voraciously and enjoys studying history. Kara is in 5th grade and excelling in her schoolwork. She enjoys her creative writing curriculum and working ahead in her math book. Caleb, 3rd grade, moved up to T&T in Awana this year. He does well in school when he isn’t getting distracted finding better ways to make paper airplanes and building things out of old detergent bottles. Joining the older ones in school as a kindergartener this year, Ben is eagerly zipping through his math book and doing well at learning to read.  His boundless energy rarely dims even when sick and he is proud to have recently learned to tie his shoes. Gabe has done very well in potty training (yeah!) and has graduated from the nursery to join Ben in children’s church.  Our little Thomas is over 10 months old now and growing like a weed as all babies do. He enjoys playing in his exersaucer and loves getting attention from his siblings or better yet, Daddy.

Prayer Requests


– February is supposed to be Scott’s last Month in the Finance and Business management area – pray that the transition goes smoothly and that everything can get wrapped up in a timely manner.

– Scott is and will continue to wear many hats including his primary assignment as Radio Engineer and Bookstore Manager.  Other areas that he will still be helping in are very basic Business management, Maintenance, Utilities, web development, and Mission and School IT.  Pray for good time management and wisdom in how to help others take some of this on.

-Pray that God would send more workers to this field – it is getting riper every day!


– Homeschooling is getting to be a bigger job, pray for good organizational skills, for attentive children, and wisdom in choosing the right curriculum. 

– Please pray for our family in making decisions in ministry.  We have had a call from KCAM to return there, but we are still not convinced that the timing is right just yet.  Pray for wisdom and clarity of thought as we go through this process.

– Pray that we would be a good witness of Jesus Christ to all those that we meet and interact with each day – the reservation is still a very dark stronghold of the enemy.


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July From the Hillside Newsletter – Welcome Thomas Jeremiah

July 14, 2016 - Author: Sarabeth Hill


Greetings, our latest Newsletter for July 2016 can be found by clicking on the link.

POINT of Interest! – We would still like to spend some time visiting with all of you during the next year to share what God is doing here.  In order to do this we need to hear from you.  We are looking for friends and supporters who will champion our ministry by introducing us to their church and others who would be interested in hearing about our ministry.  Would you consider being one of our champions and helping us in this way? If you would like a packet of information to pass on to your church missions committee please call or write and we can send you one.

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January From the Hillside Newsletter and picture

January 5, 2016 - Author: Scott Hill

Hill Portrait


Greetings, our latest Newsletter for January 2016 can be found by clicking on the link.  Please also find a printable copy of the portrait above by clicking here.

POINT of Interest! We are a little overdue for our Home Service! Limited resources and the NEED of the field have caused us to postpone and postpone. Our churches in Colorado Springs provided for us to visit with them for a month over two years ago, but we have the rest of you to see. We don’t have any dates set yet in 2016, but we would like to hear from you if you are interested in having us visit and present our report of God’s work in this ministry sometime in the coming year to you, your friends, or churches. We sincerely appreciate you and your partnership in God’s call here in New Mexico and thank you for your continued prayer. Looking forward to hearing from you! In His service, Scott and Sarabeth.

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