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Q’s & A’s

QUESTIONS??:  Occasionally we receive communication from one of our supporting Churches stating that they are in the midst of re-working or re-focusing their missions understanding and they request that we answer some questions for them.  Maybe you have had some of the same questions.  This will be a record of some of the questions we have had asked and our answers to the best of our knowledge.


  1. How is your ministry focused on equipping and training people to do the work of the ministry?

Radio Ministry, and specifically Broadcast Engineering, is a support ministry which enables the Word of God to be proclaimed via many different methods of speaking and entertainment.  An engineer maintains current equipment to keep the station(s) on the air, keep the studios ready for announcers and DJ’s, ensure that computers, automation systems, and other technologies are running smoothly for both Broadcasting and Administration of the ministry.  In a missionary position, the engineer also has the opportunity to train others in the use of the aforementioned equipment as well as supporting co-worker’s personal technology.  In the broader sense of Christian Radio ministry there is a twofold focus to equip and train our Christian listeners by providing good teaching, preaching, and discipling programs but also provide encouragement and help in times of their need.

  1. How does your ministry demonstrate an active reaching of those outside the body of Christ? Tell us about someone who has recently come to saving faith in the name of Jesus through your ministry.

Let me preface this answer with a couple of questions:  Do you listen to Christian Radio? If so, when was the last time you contacted that station regarding your personal life decisions?  Radio is a unique way to reach into people’s daily lives with the Word of God even when they don’t realize it is happening.  Radio goes into homes, cars, and places of business and leisure and it is very difficult to know just how big the impact is until you have listeners actually tell you what happened, and these events are few and far between.  This being said, the radio programming is always being evaluated as to how it is balanced toward believing and unbelieving listeners.  Since KCAM is the only Local Station for nearly 200 miles, a method of ‘Block’ programing is utilized to help draw in a variety of listeners during different times of the day.

Now, with all that said, there is always opportunity outside of work at the radio to do personal evangelism and discipleship.  This is why I offer to help people and businesses in the community with technical issues and PC troubleshooting.  This gives me a unique opportunity to get into a situation to visit with people that are not saved and to demonstrate God’s Love to them in their homes and places of business.  The Lord has not given me the satisfaction of an actual ‘harvest’ recently, but many opportunities to plant seeds as well as disciple a friend in New Mexico (Matthew 28:19 & 20).

  1. How does your ministry’s strategy include seeing new believers discipled?

Radio ministry’s discipling is broad ranged and is one of its main goals, targeting both new believers and vetted ones, and utilizes many different programs to help in teaching and encouraging others on to Love and good deeds (Hebrews 10:24 & 25)

  1. How often do you connect/communicate with us and other supporting churches? How do you see connecting in the future?

Our communication over the last couple of years has been limited to almost monthly updates to our financial supporters and an annual newsletter due to the overwhelming stress of the work that Scott was involved in that seemed to drain our time and energy significantly.  That is not meant as an excuse but a confession of our weakness in getting regular communication out.  As we transition to the Alaska Field, Lord Willing, we hope to continue a monthly update to our partners that have requested to be on our special lists and do quarterly newsletters to our entire mailing list.  Sarabeth maintains a Blog for our family on a more regular basis that focuses more on daily and family life and our family website has our updates and newsletters posted on it. We understand and respect the fact that God does not just call one person or family to a certain ministry, but He calls everyone else that partners with that ministry and we have a responsibility to those partners to keep them informed and involved.

  1. How can we engage more fully in your ministry? Can we send teams of volunteers to you?

Our time in New Mexico gave a significant increase in engagement of our partners as it was a little less expensive and on the major road system in the “Lower 48” states.  It was a true blessing to have individuals and teams come and visit, do work trips, and outreach trips and minister to us and the people we work with.  So, YES!, we very much appreciate teams or individual volunteers coming and getting involved in what is happening on the field.  Our transition to Alaska will make it a bit more challenging to get there but we know that there is significant need for some labor teams right now at KCAM for some construction projects.  Scott would love to have the opportunity to help train/mentor a short term volunteer or intern interested in doing broadcasting (in any area of it) as he was mentored and trained on the job.

More fully engaged:  First and foremost we believe that our partners should be involved in understanding and informing other Christians more about Missiology and its role in the Bible (the Great Commission in Matthew 28 to start), their daily lives, and in the Church.  Second, committing to regular prayer specifically for the ministries the Church is partnering with, many times God calls people to missions through their praying for it and understanding of it.  Thirdly, holding your missionaries accountable to their relationship with God, to their commitment to their family, to the calling on their lives, and to their partners in ministry.

Finally, one of the most important times to be engaged with the missionary is when they are on “home service”, “deputation”, transitioning, or whatever you call it.  When missionaries communicate that they are entering into a time of testifying and raising funds for continuing the ministry, they need to hear from their partners as to what level of engagement they are willing to take on, even if nothing is wanted or required, it helps to know so that traveling and expenses are kept down to a minimum.  Many times it is very frustrating and lonely when we have to leave Active field service and come into a ‘down’ time, and we let our partners know and then have no communication returned, not even a reply saying that they are going to do a fundraiser to help with travel back to the field.  Missionary’s need to have champions for their cause that will spread the news and challenge others to get involved in God’s work.