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August Note

August 17, 2016 - Author: Sarabeth Hill - No Comments


We hope you enjoyed the newsletter!  Scott returned from his 2 weeks in Alaska at the beginning of August, refreshed and exhilarated from the hard engineering work he was able to do at KCAM – that didn’t include anything regarding money except spending it 😉 It was a nice Break.  Meanwhile Sarabeth survived him being gone without anything too critical happening.


Since returning, it seems like a blur of constant go, go, go….the mission office is in a time of transitions as some reorganization happens as we anticipate Scott’s return to radio engineering almost exclusively.  There is much cross – training to do as he prepares the hand off of the many tasks that he has been doing for the business office.  Tensions are high in the office as questions come up, interactions change, and fears arise of the unknown…PLEASE pray for Scott and all the office staff that are involved.  Scott desires that most of the hand over would be smooth and calm.

Our family is still settling in to having our new baby Thomas in the house, school in full swing, the end of the growing season for gardens and the surprising growing season for kids.  Through it all, it IS well with our souls!  Thank you for being a part of this ministry!


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