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Journal Entry 7/11/18 – together on the Journey – Update

July 30, 2018 - Author: hillsadmin

(originally sent on 7/11/18)

Greetings fellow sojourners!

We have reached the end of our time in Phoenix, AZ.  We have experienced the extreme heat and a rip-roaring storm.  We have enjoyed the house with air conditioning.  We also felt the anxiety of needing to have the AC repaired when it stopped working.  We have been blessed to have a church to go to and the Body of Christ to worship Him with.  We got to know ourselves a little again as a family and had some time to refocus and relax.  It has been a very good time of house sitting for our friends the Lewis family and we are very grateful to Our God and them for this opportunity and Oasis.  God has blessed us greatly while we wait on Him to provide what we need for our return to the field of Alaska.

Silly me, in the midst of all our blessings, I was starting to voice my doubts to God once again in my morning prayer and meditation.  Being a whiny child.  Then He answered in several little “keep going” encouragements that I could never have anticipated.  And suddenly I get back to understanding that I don’t understand!  Trust and Obey, for there is no other way…..Therefore, in obedience we carry on with the tasks He has laid before us and Thank Him for His blessings.

Encouragements?  You ask.  Yes, Partners in ministry responding with financial pledges that have unofficially brought us to the 70% mark.  Praise The Lord!

Have you considered Sarabeth’s blog post from last week?  We have over 500 people and churches on our mailing lists and only 50 individuals and 6 churches have committed to be prayer and/or financial Partners in this ministry.  We are praying that God would provide and bless all of you that read this and that He would prompt you to consider taking a $20 a month portion of our remaining need and filling out a response card (attached) and mailing it in.  Sarabeth wrote about needing 100 people at $20/month and God moved already to fill 5 of those this week.  Will you be one of the 95 remaining Partners?  The Countdown has begun and we are Trusting God to supply all of what He knows we need to get us to where He is calling.

Our schedule over the next few weeks:

July 12 — Heading back to Huachuca City, AZ
July 15 – Mustang Mountain Cowboy Church, Whetstone, AZ
July 20-22 – Passages Christian Fellowship church Camp out @ WOODS CANYON LAKE, AZ
July 25-Aug 1 – Gallup, NM
July 29 – Grace Bible Church in Gallup

In His service,
The Hill Family


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Journal Entry 6/30/18 – together on the Journey – Some reading

- Author: hillsadmin

(originally sent out 6/30/2018)


Here we are at the end of June already!!  The Hills have been ‘enjoying’ the heat of Phoenix, AZ this month.  We even had the joy of having the AC go out for a day, but it was quickly restored and we are continuing to be blessed by our God!  We are enjoying being able to worship with the congregation at Passages Christian Fellowship in Laveen, AZ while we are house sitting for our friends Greg and Shari Lewis.  Having a place where we can just be ‘us’ as a family for a little while has been good for us all.  Our God is an Awesome God!  He continually blesses us with everything we “need” each day as we continue to seek partners in ministry.  Keep up the praying please, He always answers prayer!

This update I have some reading for you, if you would.  Attached is a letter from our General Manager Scott Yahr that he wrote last month for us to send to you.  Also, if you would like to hear from Sarabeth’s point of view, she has written an excellent article on her blog about a mother’s concerns from her heart ( ).  If you want to partner with us and need the documents to fill out, you can find and download them on our website under our support page… ( ).

Thank You for sharing in our journey!

In His service,

The Hill Family

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Journal Entry 6/14/18 – together on the Journey – Temporary Change of location

June 19, 2018 - Author: Editor


Here we are at the end of another week, I hope you have had time to read our last newsletter by now.  We have had an interesting 2 weeks since we sent the letters out!  Sunday June 3 we were invited to speak at Passages Christian Fellowship in Phoenix, AZ and we had a wonderful time of worship and fellowship with them.  We then returned to Huachuca City, AZ where we are home basing and God surprised us with an invite to speak at Mustang Mountain Cowboy Church which is just 8 minutes from where we are, and we were able to join them this last Sunday June 10 to speak and worship there.  We had another really blessed time with the people of God!  Wow, He is an Awesome God!  Keep up the praying please, He is answering your and our prayers!

We are unofficially up to 68% support this week; we are waiting to get notification from KCAM when they receive the official pledges there.  God is again answering prayer!  It is exciting to share this news with you because we all need to see how God is working in our own life and the lives of others (testimonies to His Glory!).  If you want to partner with us and need the documents to fill out, you can find and download them on our website under our support page… ( ).

We are headed to Phoenix again this weekend to begin house sitting for some friends there.  This is truly a gift from God to give us the opportunity to develop a deeper relationship with the Body of Christ at Passages Christian Fellowship.  We will be in Phoenix four Sundays and returning to our home base on July 9; at least that is what the plan is right now.  Please pray for our traveling, ministering, and fellowshipping with this new church.

Happy Father’s Day to all you dads out there, celebrate that we have a Heavenly Father as an example to follow!

Thank You for sharing in our journey!

In His service,

The Hill Family

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May Newsletter and Greetings

June 6, 2018 - Author: hillsadmin

Summer Greetings,

Now, I know it is not summer officially, it sure does feel like it in Phoenix Arizona!  We made it up here during a special heat wave apparently.  I hope each of you are enjoying your own special kind of spring weather that God is giving you! (Romans 11:33 (NASEC) Oh, the depth of the riches both of the wisdom and knowledge of God! How unsearchable are His judgments and unfathomable His ways! (Shared from PocketBible for Windows Store ( We know that God is always in control of His creation, nothing happens by chance or coincidence.

So, as you enjoy your weather, here is our newsletter to enjoy as well.  Thank you all for your prayers and partnership with us in God’s work!  I have also attached our Commitment Card and an EFT form for those of you whom God might lead to join us in this journey through committed prayer or finances.

The 2018 May Newsletter is attached in PDF format – if you can’t open it and would like a text only version, please let us know.  If you would no longer like to receive our emails or need to update your email address with us please let us know.

Click Here to read the newsletter; Click Here to download the Joy Media Commitment Form; Click Here to Download the EFT form.

In His service,  The Hill family

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