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Greetings from the Soggy Desert!

September 10, 2013 - Author: Scott Hill - No Comments

Hey, I like rain just as much as sun, but when the high desert starts feeling like Petersburg, Alaska, I start to wonder where I am living.  I was just informed by Sarabeth that the average rainfall for September has already been reached at just 10 days into the month!  We have had some severe lightning strikes very close, causing trouble for our radio stations – the FM transmitter is located at the top of a very steep, unmaintained dirt road.  On Sunday (Sept. 8) I had to go up and turn the transmitter back on, and then again on Monday (Sept. 9). This 2nd time I had to leave my Suburban stuck in a deep rut because the mud had become way to slick even for 4WD Low in first gear, ugh.

Please be in prayer for our Radio Sharathon coming up on Oct. 3-5th.  This is a really opportune time for us to be able to talk to, minister to, and meet and greet our listeners from all over the Rez and allow them to help us keep the stations on the air.

Praise the Lord that we had a couple here from another mission for a short time that was able to help us have a presence at the Navajo Nation Fair – it is a long week with huge crowds overflowing all the way back down the road to our humble little mission.  We learned a lot about how we need to improve our contact with those we are trying to minister to through this experience.


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