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January Note

January 27, 2016 - Author: Sarabeth Hill - 1 Comment

2016 Greetings!
We hope that you have received our Newsletter from Christmas time and have enjoyed reading it and seeing the pictures. We hope to get more of those out this year Lord Willing! January has been a cold month here in Tse Bonito New Mexico and we have had quite a bit of snow, but it is now turning into mud, Oh, the joy of MUD. Well, I look forward to it drying up!
Speaking of MUD, sometimes that is what I feel like I am trudging through at the office as we work on getting the new accounting firm settled in to our chaos. They have done a marvelous workover on our books and actually finished our Non-Profit 990 tax return earlier than I can ever remember since being here. Please pray that this initial time of transition will end soon and the extra load of accounting on Scott will be relieved. God is good and gives strength when needed.
What a true wonder and privilege it is to have you partner with us in this ministry outreach to the Navajo Nation through Western Indian Ministries, where the trenches are very muddy right now. Thank You from all of us!

P.S. Our vehicle fund grew over the last couple of months and has made it up to $4200 of the $7000 needed to purchase and repair a used 12-15 passenger van for our family. If you have not had time to pray about donating a little extra or you just forgot and wanted to help our church in Colorado Springs that is working on finding this vehicle for us, please take some time now. PLEASE PRAY about this and as the Lord leads you can make a donation online at and selecting the ‘program’ –“Van for Scott and Sarabeth Hill”, or you can mail a check to Sabre Missions, P. O. Box 9354, Colorado Springs, CO 80932-0354, and put in the Memo line ‘Van’, with no name included. This is a tax deductible donation.

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  1. by Mom

    Our nice frozen ground is also turning to mud. PTL for progress of van funds. 🙂 love you.

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