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Journal Entry 5/30/18 – together on the Journey – A Long Week

May 30, 2018 - Author: Editor - No Comments


It has been a long week.  This past Saturday we ended up having to take our 2 year old Thomas to the ER for dehydration due to a viral stomach bug that made him lose a lot of water in various ways and it was hard to force him to take any liquids.  Praise the Lord Thomas cooperated as best he could while being poked and prodded – 6 hours on an IV to get water and sugar into him and he is doing much better.  This mean little stomach bug is slowly making its way through other members of the family and neighbors.  Thank you for your continued prayer for our health.

Praise the Lord, He has given us good news to give to you in this email update!  We are up to 66% of our needed financial support – this is lower than last update, but we jumped the gun and have finally worked things out with KCAM as to our actual level of support needed.  Part of the confusion is that some have pledged and are missing in action (MIA).  If KCAM does not receive either a pledge card or see a consistent giving pattern they cannot count it as support for us.  If you need the documents, you can find and download them on our website under our support page ( ).

We are going to be speaking at Passages Christian Church in Phoenix this June 3rd, doing a 5 to 10 minute presentation in the morning services and a meet and greet afterward.  Please pray for our traveling, ministering, and fellowshipping with this new church.

You’ll soon receive our May newsletter after this email update so keep an eye out for it.

Thank You for sharing in our journey!

In His service,

The Hill Family

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