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July Note

August 19, 2014 - Author: Sarabeth Hill - No Comments

Greetings from a damp desert!
God has blessed us with rain! It has cooled off the daytime slightly and really helped our garden grow. Regular watering seemed to be enough for the plants but when the rain came, WOW.
We are in a couple of weeks of slow down and regroup as we have no teams on campus for a couple of weeks, but we look forward to seeing it pick up again. We have several young men helping out this summer and it has helped alleviate some of the maintenance duties for Scott and he has actually gotten to do a little bit of engineering for radio.
Please keep the mission finances in prayer as summer is a very lean time for us with school being out and bills needing to be paid. Scott is a little bit more involved in this process this year as he has been overseeing the business office more, but he has reached the limit of his knowledge and training and we are praying very hard that the Lord will provide a skilled and supported accountant very soon!
Praise the Lord with us as He has brought Eric Tiger here to be our new school principal and he just started the first week of July. Pray for wisdom and insight so that we are ready for the new school year.
Thank you for your consistent and generous giving to the Lord that allows us to continue follow Him in this ministry and for your constant prayer for us and Western Indian Ministries.

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